Saturday, 14 November 2009

Why It Matters... Blog Rankings

I've been asked a couple of questions about the 'Top of the Berkshire Blogs' chart I compile. Hopefully this will provide some answers.

Blog rankings matter for the simple reason that they help bring you more visitors.

This works in two ways.

Firstly, links from other sites may drive traffic as readers click through and make a direct connection.

And secondly, search engines measure the weight and volume of links - which means with each new link your site receives the higher it will be placed in search engine queries for relevancy. And this indirectly drives traffic to your site too.

So my 'Top of the Berkshire Blogs' chart is good on a number of counts - it tracks the recent moves of local blogs up search engine rankings while helping drive members of the local network forwards in the wider online community, as well as being a fun way of gaining feedback about the performance of your site!

Now get ready for blast-off!

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